from a dream to fruition...       

Christopher-Marie was just a dream when I was pregnant with my daughter and began my transition from relaxed to natural. After researching products, ingredients, oils and chemicals I found a regimen that agreed with my hair. As a result my hair was growing like crazy, thick, lush and full of volume. I made it through my pregnancy with protective styles and a simple hair care regimen. Additionally, my baby girl had soft, delicate curls that grew and grew. At the age of 2 her hair began breaking off from her pulling and twisting her curls around her fingers. Her big, bouncy curls and long ponytails became a tiny afro. At the same time my son was growing his hair out and in search of a product to enhance his curls, but nothing quite worked for him.


I was tired of being a product junkie, spending money on products that didn’t work for us. My family needed simple, yet versatile hair products that promoted growth, enhanced our curl patterns and overall aided in achieving healthy hair. ​So my dilemma became - what product line was suitable for the entire family? Are there unisex products on the market for various hair types and textures? Are there versatile and multi-use products that my family of 4 could use interchangeably?

This is why I create Christopher-Marie. I wanted my family to have hair care products that used natural ingredients, were versatile and multi-use, kid-friendly and suitable for ALL of our hair types and textures.

Christopher-Marie STAY RICH line promotes healthy, growing, moisturized hair. 

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